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Rockem Sockem Fantasy Baseball is not played for money.


Instead, the winner each year gets to select the location of our year end dinner. That yearly champion eats and drinks for free while second and third place eat for free and chip in for the bar bill. Below is a list of locations that the league has visited for our year end celebration, unfortunately we can't remember the name of the original sushi spot which inspired the trophy, but so it goes…


Pictures and stories can be found in each individual years page.

Rockem YearRestaurantYearWinner
1Forest Hills Sushi2002SPD
2Forest Hills Sushi2003BK
3Forest Hills Sushi2004Mike
4Portofino Italian2005Bull
5Dino BBQ2006Moon
6Virgil's BBQ2007Bird
9Villa Mosconi2010BK
10Peter Luger's2011BK
11Back 40 2012BK
13Dino BBQ2014Moon
14Churrascaria Plataforma2015BK
15The Palm2016Bird
16Keen's 2017Bird
18The Boil 2019Wilson
19 Choco Barn 2020 Winston
20 The Knickerbocker 2021 Mike
21 Lure 2022 SPD
22 2023 BK

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