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Rockem Sockem Baseball III

ROUND 3 You can find Pics from the Draft Below:

//Standings////Full Standings//

1. Oceans Blyleven109-1.51059
2. NOLA Crawdaddies108-1118
3. it's just willy105-11244
4. C-Town Highpockets84.501153
5. dogzilla83.50243
6. Rolen 2 Free Sushi76.50.5969
7. ephedraheartstoppers70.51.5747
8. WOPS69.5-1419
9. Torre a New One62.5-1.5523
10. Pine Taaaars60.54863
11. BEAT GALLAGHER54-0.5658
12. Even the Losers52.50.5320

Full Standings for 2004 Rockem Sockem.

Wow, 2004, the year it all came together, We became professional, we became legit…For RS it was the year Hogan slammed Andre.

Just like the Wrestlemania's we had a funky start and then kicked it into high gear bringing 90,000+ to their feet with our essay contest, our new member (McNally) and yet another year end party at the Esor. Good times all around, and really this is when we came into our own, Categories receded to 6×6 with OPS and CG's staying and adding that extra flair to the league.

And just look at that finish, 4 points between first and third, and John Olerud was one game away from causing the first ever tie…god I hate that batting helmet wearing fuck…


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