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2022 3rd Annual Sockies

2022 Draft Order Party

2022 Draft

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2022 Opening Day

2022 All-Star Break

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Final Stats:

The Wrap Up:

Woof. We haven't had a championship this contested since Rockem 15 back in 2016 as Sockem got INTERESTING in September.

On the final day at 5:30 PM there was an actual tie for the title (if you believe Stat Caster). After Jagerbombs, whiskey, shits in public and emotional culling, what stood tall was your humble Commish's squad, eeeking out a title over an incredibly game McNally. Yup, this guy finally won again:


While Birdie was in first for the first few months, SPD took charge mid summer, leading from the All-Star Break on, only to go ice cold in the final month and see a rocket up his ass McNally move up from 10th place at the All-Star break with only 66 points into a rampaging 2nd place finish overall. What a run! While I managed to pull it out in the end (teehee), this season finale was one for the books.

Winston and Vig, who had both been in first sporadically, never could muster a late season charge as they tussled for free eats with Jeff just beating out J. While he will have to pay for dinner, Vig had a hell of a season. The always precocious BK was by his lonesome in 5th place, a solid season by anyones standards but his. The middle of the pack had tons of movement all year with points rippling in every direction.

When the dust settled it was, in order, Bull Moon Tom and Birdie. I had predicted Bull to win this year, but he Dutch Oven'ed the bed, Moon was middling after early season hope, while Tom jumped up from one of the worst drafts yet recorded to finish a respectable 8th. Birdie simply dumped his early season heroics into the toilet finishing 9th.

Same could be said for 10th place Fatone who was in contention at the break only to slip slide away while Mike continues his all or nothing approach, this year settling for nothing, finishing in 11th. Buying shots for the rest of the league is Wilson who…well God doesn't exist, but if she did… only she would know what he was thinking this year. It seems after winning in 2019 Neezer has decided to quiet quit Rockem, but at least he wasn't as pathetic as last years record low point total.

21 Rockem's down! Amazing! Thank you all for letting me win this year, I will take a title every 20 years to keep this amazing league running.





Continuing a tradition that is Meh at best…unlikethispicturewhichisBooshatworst.



MVRSFP: Jose Altuve - (McNally)

This one was tougher than it looks. In real baseball Judge and Ohtani make it a two man race, with Goldschmidt winning in the NL, but in Rockem this is a much more nuanced call. Judge and Goldschmidt didn’t get JV free eats and Ohtani is somehow two people?!? The commish won the league, but his team fell off a cliff in September, and my highest rated player was 17th overall (Lindor), so almost by default I am giving the MVRSFP to Jose Altuve who finished 11th overall and 12th in September alone, sparking Don’s squad on his climatic run. This is the second time Altuve has won the award, and he did so in similar fashion back in 2014. I could see arguments made for lots of guys (Hell, Vig had the 1st and 2nd rated players as well as the 14th and 15th, how’d he pay for dinner?!?) but in the end the midget 2b from Houston put Don on his back down the stretch and almost got him a title. By the way, this is the second year in a row McNally won this award…yet still no title…


RSCK: Sandy Alcantara - (BK)

While the MVRSFP could have gone to multiple guys, this one was no contest. Alcantara muscled up and gave BK 6 CG’s, dominating a category. His third overall ranking at the end of the season is super impressive and makes him worthy of this fake award.


Coach of the Year: SPD

Props need to be given to McNally who turned his season around from 66 points and tenth place at the all-star break, to come within inches of winning his first title. Tom as well deserves massive kudos as he drafted disgustingly and was in dead last at the break only to rise up and finish 8th. However, I am going to claim this award as I needed to manage until the very last day, getting a desperately needed win and save on two picked up arms (Civale and Barnes) to finish on top of Rockem. Overall, a lot of picks didn’t work out as expected (Soto, Wander, India, Stanton, Franmil, Votto), Lindor was my highest ranked player at only 17th overall. Had to make moves galore and most of them (Bard, Berti, Kelly, Escobar in Sept) were vital in claiming my 2nd title and first championship in over 20 years.



Bust: Tie Lucas Giolito (Bull) and Jose Berrios (Moon)

Most years this award has a lot of contenders, this one not so much. Two guys said ‘hold my beer’ and wrapped it up with their futility. If you look at pre-season rankings and where peeps ended up, they mostly matched up in 2022. The two standout, god awful results from high draft picks without injury were Giolito in the 4th round, who ended up 907th overall and Berrios in the 8th round who ended up 1083, woof! There were some outliers, Castellanos disappointed, India fucking blew, Juan Soto sucked post trade (and really pre-trade) along with Josh Hader who was in that same sinking boat. Overall though, Chicago and Giolito just never got it going, he wasn’t hurt, pitched 161 innings and finished 907th overall, same for Berrios in Toronto, 172 innings and 1083 overall in Rockem, yuck. Not what you want from your 4th round pick, or your 40th round pick for that matter.


EE best pick post 10th. Julio Rodriguez (VIG)

Julio Rodriguez had an amazing rookie campaign and announced himself on the big stage…Rockem Sockem. The kid finished fifteenth overall, and JV got huge productivity from his 21st round pick. There were quite a few up for this award, proving there is always a steal to be had in late drunken rounds. Hats off Jeff McNeil’s batting title (and 65th rank) for Tom and to Framber Valdez, Fatty’s 16th rounder who finished 25th overall. Both Dansby Swanson (20th) and Dylan Cease (28th) were drafted by the Commish and Jeff respectively in the 10th round, just making the cut, but not winning this award.


Broken: Luis Robert (Wilson)

Another award that usually has tons of possibilities, but this year, not so much. Acuna was hurt to start, so can’t really give it to him, Sal Perez was a bummer and at this point you just can’t expect more than 200 at bats for Buxton so those extra 140 are a gift. Jazz Chisholm Jr. took the silver in this category but Robert wins this one as he had much higher projections, all though if he was healthy, I think Neezer still finishes in the cellar…so it goes.


Pick Up: Nestor Cortes (Tom)

A few could be here, I drafted Steven Kwan with the last pick and dropped him, Jeff had him to start, dropped him, Don ran with him as he got hot again to end the year. Tyler Anderson was a gem of a find off the waiver wire this year, Bull got amazing seasons from Drury and rookie sensation Spencer Strider, while both Christian Javier and Tony Gonsolin, were massive bustouts. However, this goes to a Yankee as Tom grabbed the mustachioed lefty back in April and enjoyed a little over a month of his fantastic run before flipping him for Teoscar Herandez and Freddie Freeman. So not only did he reap the benefits of his stats, and ‘stach, he also got a top 5 player back for him in Freeman, shrewd.


Spirit: Glen Lorieo

Not only was he at almost every 2022 event for Rockem this year (more than a lot of the actual people in this league), Glen has been around since the messy beginning of it all. His joy, angst, realism and friendship has now earned him the second ever Winston Walters Spirit Award. I am sure he will cherish this as much as his future Grammy and Little Louie Lorieo’s first steps. From sharing a hot tub with Bull in the Catskills to dining with us at Lure this year, he really is the 13th member of the league, thanks for being there amigo, this one is for Glen.

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