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The Rockem Sockem (Yet to be Named) Cup is a work in progress with obvious nods to Lord Stanley and Mr. Miyagi

The Man Was King!

The cup started out as a simple gold challis of ABSOLUTE POWER!!!!!!
With the Winners named etched fo'ever in pen and cheap stickers:


Then the Sushi joint we use to have all of our end of season dinners at on The Boulevard of Death shut down mysteriously right before the 2005 year end celebration, where Dennis was to be awarded the Trophy, so quick thinking members of Rockem Sockem acquired:



The quick thinking Queens crew went into the resturant the day it was closing and asked if we could buy one of the sushi boats…one was gifted to Rockem. Armed with a glue gun and a heart of pure gold our 2005 Champion created the current incarnation of the yet to be named Cup:
In 2011 the Cup could no longer support all of the stickers with past champions names, so a new base was added to the cup and it fits easily into the EET's A BOAT for transport and sailing, thanks Bull. See Below:

After the 2019 season the cup and the sushi boat have vanished.

A new glass trophy was bought by Eben and sent to Jeff. This trophy is still floating around as of 2022, but nothing floats like a sushi boat.


UPDATE: 2022 Dinner saw the return of the EES A BOAT trophy and little plastic cup!

Now they are combined with the glass trophy of solitude to voltron in the best trophy in the world, which is a beast to lug around after you win…I know.


The Cup will be named for any of the current 12 or original members of the 2002 Rockem Sockem Class who happens to Pass Away first…Morbid we know but what better way to honor a fallen comrade?

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