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Back in the days when there was still a Shea, the Mets organization put our requests for people to buy a Brick for the new (yet to be named) Citi Field. We as good baseball citizens joined the craze and helped the poor cash strapped club along.

Except we didn't say anything about the Mets with our brick…it was all Rockem, All The Time:

“EES A Brick goes back to the “EEETS A Boat!” Joke regarding the sushi boat that now has become part of the Rockem Cup:

Here is where we will post pics of all of us taking pictures by the brick…It is in the Todd Pratt Section of Bricks at Citi field, just to the right of the Rotunda if you are getting off the train. Feel free to take your own.

May 6th 2012 - Arizona D-backs in town along with yours truly. Me and BK and Tommy. Great day…


May 25th 2012, Mets verse the Padres. Mets win 6-1
And of course…Kicks on The Brick…

Mets - Cubbies: June 15, 2013 - Father's Day Eve.Box Score:


Sofia's First Game 8-29-13

June 7, 2015 - the first NON-METS GAME Brick Pic?!??! Legends Of Wrestling Squad…

June 11, 2015 - Giants vs. Mets, late night…

Last home stand of 2018 for the Muts…But Commish and Commish-ette wear some cool kicks, Mets lost 8-1 D. Wright's first at bat since 2016:


7.7.19 - DMAC and SPIDEY at the brick…


First game back after Corona Virus Pandemic Mets lose 1-0 because they still can't score runs for DeGrom. That said, it felt damn good to be back at The Brick:


6.23.21 - NYM vs. ATL - Mike and Mike's Mom and Shawn's hat…

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