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The Inaugural year….lost in a haze of shots, black eyes, 2 broads, shady deals and The huge bat of Albert Pujols.

Ouch these hurt
Ouch these hurt

…but a tradition unlike any other (Fuck the Masters!) was started in the stained back room of The Village Idiot and it probably should have died and been buried there and then…but like the first fish to sprout feet and hop onto the land out of the primordial soup, Rockem Sockem has adapted grown and expanded to a robust 12 brave souls…we can not forget the founders…but apparently Yahoo can….

Anyway this is what they have:

Nu'Orlins Crawdaddys
Rockem Sockem Baseball

No No? Well we all lived it…well some of us…and someone sexy won…so it goes in the record book…and on the Cup.

Rockem Sockem 1 Winner:
NOLA Crawdaddies - Shawn Donohue

Awesome, some brave soul, (Tom) posted the draft from 2002, see it did happen. Check it out.

Rockem I - The Original Draft

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