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It is our Quinceañera here at Rockem, we are finally becoming Ladies…the full standings, the season wrap up and post season awards all below.

The Wrap Up-

You see those stats up there? INSANITY! How insane you may ask? Well I will tell you…Each year I end the preview with saying “this league is to close to call as anyone can win” and this year proves it down to the final day, positions shifted more than tectonic plates (or Nicki Minaj's ass if you want a modern reference). Consider this; if Jay Moon had ONE more, a singular strikeout, from his pitchers we would have had a tie for the title, and if he had ONE more K and SB he would have been a champ. EVERY SINGLE PLAY MATTERS in a 162 game season….unreal. The Ghost of Jon Olerud lives!!!

Congrats must be given to the champ, Birdie wins another Rockem Championship (his second) and did it in style as there was a mad dash at the top. Other seasons have seen mid-table clogging with 5-6 people separated by a point or less, but no season saw so much drama for the Rockem Cup. Ferrari sets sail on the boat and as was mentioned Moon was a half a point behind, amazing season for both but they weren't the only people who could win the whole thing as Winston had a complete chance to hoist his first cup until the final day as did the heartbreaking fourth place finish from McNally. It is a shame honestly that one of these coaches would finish out of the top three as all four lead the league for extended parts of the season, McNally was on top for almost the whole first half, but Rockem is a marathon.

There was a noticeable break to the next group, where your humble commish finished fifth, pitching good enough to contend for the cup but had no stick at all. I overtook Tom on the last day who had a progressively good season rising from the depths to mid pack by the last day (oh and I am sure he takes some pleasure as being the person who was one SB and one K ahead of Moon, keeping him from the title, amazing). The champ, BK, was only the champ of the bottom half of the table this year as his team never really got on track.

Our first tie came in the 8 hole as Eben started off like a rocket and then dropped back to earth while Fatone couldn't capitalize on two straight top three finishes as his Dogzillas nestle down next to the Rhinos for the off season. Both just edge out Bull and his Thickness while the basement this year saw Mike coming up the steps while Jay Vig chilled out in the wood paneled bottom. An amazing season that saw huge swings and the closest finish ever, it came down to the final day just as in 2004. Amazing…best fantasy league in the world.

Below is a Graph View and under that our post season awards:

Continuing a tradition that is Meh at best…unlike this picture which is Boosh at worst.

MVRSFP- The Most Valuable Rockem Sockem Fantasy Player goes to….

Mookie Betts- While Trout continues to be the best player in the world, it was Betts who gets this award. VALUE means “helps to win a championship” and Betts did just that for Birdie, while finishing 2nd overall in the Rockem Player rankings.

Rockem Sockem CK- Goes to the best fantasy pitcher this year, just like the CY in real baseball but we renamed it CK in 2016 for Kershaw because he keeps winning it:

Clayton Kershaw- Who else? he missed half a season almost and still finished as the best pitcher overall and while healthy had McNally in first place. He has been so dominate I am renaming the award this year to the CK because this is his third win in a row and his fourth overall. He is the man.

The Zeddemore Poles Coach of the Year Award: Goes to the best Rockem Manager (named for Winston's Historic 11 point last day jump in 2008):

Don McNally- Odds on Don winning this award pre-season? Astronomical. What a season though, while he will have to pay to eat, it was still a major jump for Don. From that drunken crazy draft to leading the league for a majority of a season to just missing out on free eats, hell of a ride. Consider this award as a consolation prize for the season.

The Eric Hinske Memorial (he's dead right?!) goes to the Biggest Bust Drafted that Year named for the Commish drafting Hinske in the 4th round of 2003:

Andrew McCutchen- As with every year this one could have a lot of candidates: Prince, Giancarlo, Pollock, Dee Gordon. all got consideration, but McCutchen was not hurt or suspended or much of anything this season really. Drafted 17th overall by Moon he ended up 142nd overall and is a major reason Jay just missed out on the title.

The Edwin Encarnacion Elation goes to the biggest positive surprise of the year who was drafted late (after 10th Round)

Jean Segura- Winston drafted the biggest mover and shaker as Segura had a monster season and was very helpful to pushing Winston into contention for the title. Drafted in the 19th round he finsihed 30th overall, quite a jump. With disappointing season from Abreu and the some guy coming up in the next award, Segura helped keep Jeff alive.

The Nomar Broken Everything Award (Player's injuries who sink a team, named for Nomar sinking multiple teams early in Rockem History):

Giancarlo Stanton- Another award that every year has tons of candidates: Pollock, Schwarber, Prince Fielder, Your Mom's but if Giancarlo stays healthy, which is getting to be a habit, then Winston has a real shot at winning this year. Oh well…(Sad part? only things I changed from last years award was the people hurt and Bird to Winston, Stanton better shape up or this award may be named after him next year).

The Cliff Lee Award: (FA Pickup that changes the league, named for Bull snatching Lee in Rockem 7)

Tie: Wilson Ramos and Kyle Hendricks - This is a testament to our drafting this year as this award was the hardest to pick out. All the big breakouts, Villar, Segura, were drafted. Porcello came close to grabbing this, but with Jeff getting 2 of the biggest surprises Ramos and Hendricks (the second best at his position and a possible Cy Young winner) this award will go to them….Ending another great year.

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