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(Dinner Party Pics are below on this page)



It Starts Here
and ends looking like this:

* //Full Standings/

1. The Bleeding Asses115-1.5351
2. Zeddemore's Poles9811.51144
3. ephedraheartstoppers93-2.51084
4. Ocean's Blyleven89.528116
5. Abortion88-2.51234
6. NOLA Crawdaddies772.5952
7. The Johnny Castles76-6539
8. Italian Stallions751254
9. Dogzilla71-2178
9. C-Town Highpockets71-1744
11. Honey Nut Ichiros55.5-1.5651
12. The Spearmint Rhinos270418

Well another one bites the dust (like the original cup in the Antarctica drunken winter night) and we set our sites on season past. The Seven Samurai of Sockem has been finished and the Asses have been stabbed and are hence bleeding, Congrats Bull It was a great season with Bull controlling most of it, but the last day as always brought a shit load of surprises most obvious was captain Jeff Winston's Zeddemore's Poles huge 11.5 point jump into the free eats realm of a half assed sushi dinner from Jellado (they took for fucking EVAH!) Congrats as well to the soon to be poppa Moon with the third place cake. We ate (kindof) at Jellado, we drank (mucho) at Antarctica and we got pictures (some) to prove it. Next year and from here on out we are having this on a saturday to give us enough time for the whole shebang, but that is next year err this year never mind….see you in soon for the Draft order party and a week after in Long Island City for the Draft….It will be here licktey split.

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