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Here you will find Rumors concerning Rockem Sockem Fantasy Baseball, and NOTHING else

(The Commish takes no responsibility whatsoever about the rumors posted here in.)

  • Women were some of the founding members of RSFB…
  • Robin hired trained monkeys to take out a RS member during the All-Star Break road trip 2007 so he could gain access into the league.
  • There is talk of a second league starting in the near future working on the English Premiership League for soccer system. The winner of that “Championship” league would replace the 12th place finisher of the “Premiership” Rockem Sockem Original. This is only a rumor…but one that seems to be gaining steam.
  • Jose Guillien was in negotiations to join the league…circa 2004/5
  • Ferrari is on Steroids circa 2007
  • Captain Morgan is in negotiations to sponsor the league.
  • The Draft may be outdoors for '08 (it wasn't…dead rumor)
  • There is talk to make the mascot of the league…a silver fork.
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