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We really started documenting things well here, wish we did it even earlier. Click the links for tons of pics vids writing etc:

In the good year of our Lord and semi-savior 2010 we undertake Rockem 9.….Number 9? Number 9?

The Patron Saint of Rockem 9…Dock Ellis.

We start at Don Fatone's Apartment on the Upper West Side. Where we end this trip is anyone's guess…
^ Rank
^ Team
^ Points
^ Pts Change
^ Waiver
^ Moves

1. C-Town HighPockets1230344
2. NOLA Crawdaddies1210762
3. A-Rod in My Pants9811034
4. Ocean's Blyleven97.516111
5. Pine Taaaars!93.511254
6. dogzilla740.5266
6. The Spearmint Rhinos74-1520
8. ephedraheartstoppers61-0.5981
9. Zeddemores Poles590840
10. Beat Vig??46.50.5429
10. Byrnes When I Peavy46.5-3.51122
12. Italian Stallions421120
1.C-Town HighPockets12111291211859101212123
2.NOLA Crawdaddies111210119.5121175111110.5121
3.A-Rod in My Pants681151110610.538910.598
4.Ocean's Blyleven93879.57102.51212107.597.5
5.Pine Taaaars!107710891.510.510983.593.5
6.The Spearmint Rhinos74966.5848.51122674
9.Zeddemores Poles310213.56122.5266559
10.Beat Vig??2262.56.54354443.546.5
10.Byrnes When I Peavy563452.591631146.5
12.Italian Stallions15181.551.55813242


Closest year EVAH!!!!

2 Ties, .5 from a tie for Free Eats in Third Place…and the 2 highest point totals ever recorded (since Rockem stabilized our scoring). Witness Rockem Number 9….Number 9….

Well this was one for the ages and a hard one for this Commish to swallow after leading all year the Highpockets jumped on the back of one Troy Ruth from Colorado and made the move directly into first place. Great Job BK, you have posted the best score in the era of official scoring…after having the highest score in the unofficial scoring days. You deserve the win…someone not in the mix may say I did too…but I won't dwell on that. Had a hell of season down in NOLA, and some day may be even able to calll it a success. Not now.

place was a pier 6 brawl that saw the 111 move Ryniec fall on the last day to the late charging Bull. Bull joins the eat for free ranks and the person who held the spot for a majority of the season, Tommy G, falls to 5th.

Another big break in the stats finds a bunched up bunch of bunchers…Eben and Fatone tie for 6th place splitting the middle of the league, both have finished higher but both have finished much lower so a season in the middle probably doesn't elate or deflate too much.

A wrestling match from Philly popped back up with Moon and Winston grappling and in the end Big Daddy Moon Dog came out on top over the Pounding Pole, dropping him to 9th. McNally's last day heroics caused the second tie in Rockem 9 as the ghost of John Lennon inspired him to snag Birdie as both claimed 10th place. That leaves Vig bringing up the rear in the closest season of Rockem. Onto…



Continuing a tradition that is Meah at best…unlike this picture which is Boosh at worst.

MVRSFP - The Most Valuable Rockem Sockem Fantasy Player goes to….

Troy “Babe Ruth” Tulowitzki.

MVP's and championships are won in September and he carried the Highpockets to the Rockem Eets a Boat Trophy. While he is only the 22nd ranked player overall in our league, he would have been 222 without a September for the ages. Only Babe Ruth and the great Albert Belle have ever hit more HR's in 1 calendar month…IN BASEBALL HISTORY!!! His september stats alone are better then most shortstops full seasons: 30 Runs, 15 HR's 40 RBI's 1.176OPS. Unreal. Nice work and while Miguel Caberara has a right to feel slighted, the voters were swayed by the late amazement.

Rockem Sockem CY - Goes to the best fantasy pitcher this year, and the voters have spoken:

Adam Wainwright

Sure Halladay was impressive, Ubaldo's first half was unreal, Oswalt thought it was 2001, all had fine seasons, but Wainwright takes the cake, 6th ranked overall and pitched his team to the title. How does it feel to have this curveball thrower who froze Beltran be your Ace BK?!?! Sorry Sorry…

The Zeddemore Poles Coach of the Year Award: Mike Ryniec, Ocean's Blyleven. 111 moves? Intensity/Insanity…some may say he over managed, but in fantasy better to be too aggressive then to sleep on your team…at least that is what Mike tells himself. Just missing the free eats hurts, but it ain't for lack of managing. LaRussa loves your style.

The Eric Hinske Memorial (he's dead right?!) goes to the Biggest Bust of the Year:

Chase Utley

This was a tough one..Utley wasn't exactly hurt, he had 425 AB's, so it was a pretty full season for his owner Jay Vig, but quick take a guess how many 2nd baseman ranked ahead of him? Stumped? 7. Ouch, that is tough from the 5th overall pick and a guy with a vampire head of hair. 146th overall? Need to pick up next year Utley…(Honorable Mention: Matt Kemp…no idea with this guy).

The Nomar Broken Everything Award (Player's injuries who sink a team)

Justin Morneau

Playing just half a season usually means you've done better then most and won't get this stinky award, but after a great start the Ocean's were sunk by Morneau's concussion. Mike couldn't drop him, because he could recover any day, Mike couldn't trade damaged goods, and in the end Mike was stuck with him out in the cold at 4th place…safe to say a healthy Morneau means the LA one eats for free.

The Cliff Lee Award : (FA Pickup that changes the league, named for Bull snatching Lee in Rockem 7)

Jose Bautista

While it didn't change my HR standing (surprisingly I would have won Hr's without him) it did change everyone elses standings, no one thought that the Animal was for real…hell we still don't know if it was all a dream, but no one wanted to take a shot on him, I did and my power numbers were locked and loaded. A HR race that saw standings fluctuate inning to inning, everyone could have used the pop!

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